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EMDR therapy may bring
up seemingly unrelated associations. You just let whatever is happening happen during the left-right stimulation. Then you report briefly on what you are experiencing when the therapist checks in.

Moving through the wave of feeling connected to a memory can be deeply healing. Letting whatever happens happen and staying with the feelings even if they are difficult makes it possible for the mind to link up more adaptive memory networks to the old, frozen traumatic memory networks.

The therapist is there to assist when things get sidetracked. If things are not progressing, the therapist changes techniques or adds information to facilitate the natural healing process at work.

You will pay special attention to physical sensations during EMDR therapy. You are asked to be aware of and report on physical sensations during the session. Focusing on body sensations provides an entry way to the old stuck memories.

The natural healing process will likely continue between therapy sessions. After a session you may feel tired and need some down time. If possible, plan your EMDR therapy session when you have time to relax after the session.

You may also have insights, dreams, or thoughts and feelings related to the work you did. You are asked to keep notes on a log or in a journal between sessions and to use tools (supportive people and self-soothing techniques) to manage feelings between sessions. Your therapist is also there for support if needed.

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