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Teresa Allen MFT

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist #39878

Are you a therapist learning EMDR? I offer individual consultation to therapists finishing their training and just getting started with EMDR. Many clinicians benefit from sharing case studies with a consultant in order to enhance and consolidate their new skills.

For some of us, the protocol at first can feel awkward and unfamiliar. Working with a supportive consultant can help you get past this first hurdle in working with this powerful therapy. Having a consultant also helps in integrating EMDR therapy into your pre-existing talk-therapy style and in learning to make adjustments as needed.

I enjoy helping therapists new to EMDR learn to assess clients for EMDR-readiness and to identify clients who may need additional pre-work and/or modified protocols.

Assessing client readiness is a key piece of learning for EMDR therapists. Some clients may need work in life stabilization, affect tolerance and management, ego strengthening, safety, and relationship building.  Some may need modified EMDR protocols. Good consultation can help you sort this out before beginning EMDR with a client.

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